f(x,z) =

Color (f):

g(x,z) =

Color (g):




"f(x,z)/g(x,z)" - here enter your function. For example x*z^4-x^3*z+(x*z)^2.
Currently supported operations and symbols are:

Range - to which point chart should be calculated and rendered. For example - for range 5 chart will be created for x,z ∈ <-5,5>.

Step - because computers are digital rather than analog, chart is created by connecting points. Step tells the machine how often to make a point. For example - if step is 0.5 points will be created for x,z ∈ R: x,z = n*0.5; n ∈ Z. So the lower the step the more accurate is the chart.

Color - sets the color of given function. Color have to be hexadecimal number e.g. ffffff is white, 7a00f5 is purple. The number have to be 6 characters without preceding #. Confused? Search for 'hexadecimal color values' or 'hex colors' for more info.

Keep in mind that this is free chart generator and it's still under development so it won't work perfectly. Many features are not implemented yet and there are some bugs. But anyway thanks for using our software. Hope it helps and hope you like it.